i’m a princess and it’s my full-time job

June 30, 2009

How do people decide what job they want? It’s not like waking up one morning thinking – definitely a janitor! Or, sure, I’ll be a plastic surgeon – am i mistaken or do all of them have big noses? – or a, well, I don’t know, chef-editor?
Because it is not so easy for me. All thoughts that pop up in my head in the morning-s are somehow related to breakfast, checking e-mail and who the hell is in my mirror? Perhaps, I should try to wake up earlier?
The thing is – there’re so many possibilities and then, there aren’t. Because surely I can be a doctor, but I never will. And actor, and artist, and writer, and businessmen, and teacher. And even singing in the rock band is not really feasible. Big *duh* here.
So, yeah, not easy.
Can I just be me and get paid for it?


what’s the nutter butter, eh?

May 24, 2009

Just click that yummy-redly colored-movie followed little button

Ahaha, that’s the road of no return. you will sing this song for the rest of your life, and – the worst – highly enjoy it.
no peanut butter for you.


spring, oh spring.

May 12, 2009

I heard about autumn and winter depression. Something about not enough sunlight or as such. I can understand that, ok.
But I – some lunatic I am – have a spring depression. And every year, when flowers are starting to bloom, I fall into that melancholic, miserable state and remain in it until first leafs become yellowish around the edges.
My condition only worsens, when I see that everybody else seems to enjoy themselves. Wearing hideous swimsuits, sunbathing to the kinda orange color, going to the sea.
While I stay with my pale – somewhat blueish – skin, stiff upper lip and long-sleeves.
No, that year I decided – enough is enough. I will drag myself – by the hair if necessary – from the house into some tennis court. Buy auto-tan or something similar. And wear the dress. You know, that summer-like kind of dress.
After one day outside I developed the rash all along my arms and legs. Even my neck.
It seems – or at least doctors say so – I’m allergic to the sun.
To the sun.
I really really want to live on the Moon.



April 23, 2009

I never really thought about my intelligence. There will always be people, who are smarter than me. And, well, who are not. I didn’t pay it any attention until today.
But now, I found a job that I really want and am a little bit worried. What if I’m not clever enough? What if I will fail their interview and my CV will be banned from their base?
Because my dream job is to be a scientist! And not just some scientist, but real one.
I want it so much. Wear glasses, lab coats, mutter words like sesquipedalian uder my breath.
And, of course, work here!
I cen evan rite laik thees!
What do you think? Will they hire me?



April 23, 2009

As many other – unfortunate – pupils here, I’m struggling with the Academic Reading & Writing course.
Lately, it was really hard on me. Mainly, because I’m no good in following rules. I hate when somebody tells me, what I can write and what I can’t. Your idea is not supporting, that paragraph woudn’t do, structure is bad, words are too long, blah blah blah. Absolutely hate it. Writing is not about paragraph – not much anyway – it’s about spirit! About inspiration! Freedom! Justice! Well, one of these things.
And, it was only matter of time when I and APA style met.
I don’t understand it. Really. Not a word. I fall asleep on the first explanation. I wake up somewhere between ‘One Author with unknown year and background’ and ‘Usage of realy long really strange words’.
But today, I found one thing, that make me laugh every time I see that evil letters again.
Who knew, that APA is American Psychological Association?
Well, I still don’t know what to do with APA. But now craziness of style rules makes more sense. Not much, though.


professional procrastinator

April 19, 2009

Today electricity is turning of every half an hour or so, and well, I’m not even sure that this post will see light of the day.
But so far I’m lucky.

What really makes me angry (ok, pisses me of) is that, I’m always trying to leave all the work on the last day. I had plenty of time – and electricity – all week, and did practically nothing. Well, I read my blogroll – it counts for something. And now – when I have eight different assignments and all that – lights goes of. Great timing, guys!

And even today, in the morning, I downloaded music, checked Google Reader, but didn’t do them. Why?

Last day before the exams and you’re cleaning dust bunnies from your bed. You need to do grocery shopping but keep watching Reality TV. Difficult essay for tomorrow, midnight, and you’re checking facebook. Again. And again. Is it about you?

Well, whatever your answer is, I’m sure, you will be interested to know, that it’s not in fact laziness, but serious disorder.


This awesome video will explain you all:

Yeah, procrastination is around us. And you’re procrastinate too, reading my post instead of doing whatever important thing you have.


facebook vs. kids

April 8, 2009


I’m a little bit in awe. Facebook policy tells me that if a person is under 18 and not in high school or college, he or she can’t use Facebook (or Service or Team or Just Call Me Master, whatever, not talking about self-esteem issues here). Well, how kids of 17 and not in college are any different from same kids in college? Well, besides the obvious. It’s really really sad, that Facebook judge people on their level of intelligence – isn’t it ironic, that I misspelled that word, but thanks to Microsoft Word, you will never know it.

Really, what if I have finished high school in 17 and than started working for the CSI? Can I use Facebook even if I’m not in college? But, well, if I work for CSI I can probably close the site.

Facebook claims that it’s done to protect children. I guess, I don’t know half as much about colleges as Facebook does. Are there any maturity courses, which designed to make you Real Adult or something? I would really like to take those. Always thought that broken noses are charming.    

It’s just bad taste for the site with numerous groups with dumb blondes to deny an access for poor kids.